12 Mowing Tips and Tricks from Lawn Mowing Experts

12 Tips and Tricks from Lawn Mowing Experts

If you are like most of us, you probably think lawn mowing is a pretty uncomplicated task. And the reason why you’re here is probably that you’re having a harder time taking care of your lawn than it needs to be.

You are more than welcome to follow these 12 lawn mowing tips from lawn mowing services Christchurch experts to make mowing easier and make your lawn looking more luxuriant.

Mowing Tips #1

Make sure the lawnmower blades are sharp

That’s right, you have to make sure your mowing blades are sharp. This is one of the most basic tasks but is often neglected. Sharp blades can make your lawn mowing easier and let you finish the task faster by not doing multiple passes. Sharpening your mowing blades can make lawn mowing effortless for a long time.

Mowing Tips #2

Check if the tank is filled with enough fuel

Just like when you’re getting ready to drive, one of the first things you need to check is your fuel. There’s nothing more inconvenient than stopping midway due to low fuel. Additionally, it is not advisable to refuel your lawnmower when it is hot. Remember to top it off before you begin lawn mowing in the future.

Mowing Tips #3

Check the lawn for obstacles

Clear the lawn for any obstacles that might cause your lawnmower’s blade to dull. This can be a frustrating experience and may lead to potential injury. Make sure there is no rock, toy, stick, and whatnot to make lawn mowing efficient.

Mowing Tips #4

Mow at night or during cool weather

The best time to mow is at night or during cool weather. You can also mow in the morning when it’s still cool to keep moisture in the roots where it’s most needed and to reduce heat exhaustion. You can mow at night to provide the grass at least 12 hours to heal.

Mowing Tips #5

Avoid mowing wet lawn

Cutting wet grass can result in larger clippings, making your lawn less fascinating to look at. Wet lawns make soil softer and slippery, hence increasing the chances for rut damage.

Mowing Tips #6

Do not cut below one-third of the blade

Cutting the grass extremely low is quite tempting. Some of you might have done it already to minimize lawn moving frequency – thus, less effort. However, cutting below one-third of the blade slows the evaporation process and prevents weeds from sprouting. In short, it’s unhealthy for the grass.

Mowing Tips #7

Keep the grass under tree higher

The longer the grass, the longer its roots. Grass growing under or near a tree must compete with the tree roots for nutrients and water. Keeping the grass under or near a tree higher will let it stay healthy.

Mowing Tips #8

Mow less frequently during the spring season

The good news, you can mow on a fortnightly basis at this time of the year. This means less cutting frequency and less effort; this is because the grass (warm-season grass) grows slowly due to less exposure to hot weather.  

Mowing Tips #9

Mow frequently during late spring and summer

The grass (warm-season grass) grows quickly at this time of the year. To avoid cutting below one-third of the blade to keep your lawn looking neat, try to mow twice or at least every four days during this time.

If you’re busy doing so, you can reach out to lawn mowing services Christchurch or a local lawn mowing company to do the job for you.

Mowing Tips #10

Follow different mowing patterns

Mowing in a different direction by following the same route is healthy and decreases the chances of ruts. By doing this, you’re helping the grass to grow upwards. This makes mowing easier and decreases the chances of ruts at the same time.  

Mowing Tips #11

Don’t throw the grass clippings

Grass clippings can turn into natural fertilizer. You can either leave them behind to fertilize the lawn or use them on your plants, flowers, or trees to provide valuable nutrients to the soil.

Mowing Tips #12

Mow from side to side if you have a steep yard

You should mow from side to side if you’re living on a hill or if you have a steep yard. Mowing up and down could make you slip and get injured as a result.

You are more than welcome to contact Jazz Mowing via phone or email for more garden or lawn mowing care tips. You may also take advantage of our excellent service and secure online booking system to save time and energy. For us, gardening and lawn mowing is never a chore.

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