4 Brilliant Vegetable Garden Ideas That Will Inspire You

This list of vegetable garden ideas will surely inspire you!


Growing your own vegetables at home has been popular for a while now as it embraces three healthy living concepts: eating 100% organic, knowing where your food comes from, and farm to table. 

Growing your own produce is also less expensive compared to buying it on the market. It’s a healthy practice, and gardening can make you feel in touch with nature which can reduce your stress – a perfect solution for our stressful life, right?

There was a time when cottage gardens became popular with garden owners. They would mix Flowers, vegetables, and herbs in one place where they fitted. The cottage garden was often placed in the front yard. It wouldn’t matter if there is enough room for the flowers or vegetables to grow. 

Nowadays, you can craft a conversation piece as well as a brilliant little vegetable patch. An old set of wooden or plastic boxes finds a new purpose in planting vegetables and is arranged in an organized structure. The wooden or plastic boxes are often deep and wide enough for vegetables.

Whether you just recently fell in love with the concept of growing your own vegetable produce or simply looking to get in touch with nature to reduce your stress, this list of 4 brilliant vegetable garden ideas will make you excited in crafting your own garden now.


Vegetable Garden Ideas #1

Building a Mini Garden Room

It’s called a garden room because it is literally an additional living space within the garden. It is becoming a new trend in household designs, which ranges in sizes and shapes to make them suited to any property. 

Building a garden room can provide you the opportunity to craft your own personal retreat. It can be used as a living room, mini bar, children’s playroom, art studio, or even an office space. It is definitely cost-effective and easy to install. With a little touch of artistic design, you can make your dream space come true! 

Building a Mini Garden Room for vegetable garden ideas


Vegetable Garden Ideas #2

Designing a Veggie Bed with Bed Frame

You can recreate your garden space by using old bed frames to create your veggie bed – literally! 

For a more secured structure, you can use the entire bed frame: headboard, side rails, and footboard. This way, it will stay in place and set up the veggie bed easily.

Designing a Veggie Bed with Bed Frame for vegetable garden ideas


Vegetable Garden Ideas #3

Crafting Obelisk for Creative Garden Space

Obelisks will add a new dimension to your garden which can create an interesting look. It is a great way to create a dynamic arrangement and support climbing plans.

There are many varieties of obelisks. The common feature is, their structure is supported with four legs and a narrow top. You can add chicken wire at the bottom to keep the animals away or at the mid-section to support a heavy plant or fruit such as watermelon, squash, and more.

You can either craft, buy the obelisk directly at home improvement stores, or contact gardening services Auckland.

Crafting Obelisk for Creative Garden Space for vegetable garden ideas


Vegetable Garden Ideas #4

Create Perfect Space for Veggies Amongst Flowers

Planting veggies amongst flowers requires energy, time, and creative thinking. The idea is to emulate the traditional cottage garden, where vegetables, herbs, flowers, and fruits were planted together. 

The fruit and vegetable plants blend beautifully beside flower plants. You can choose to mix asparagus, fennel, rainbow chard, runner beans, architectural cardoon, cabbages, peas scrambling up tepees, and frilly lettuces for decorative choices for a colorful and fancy vegetable garden look.

Create Perfect Space for Veggies Amongst Flowers for vegetable garden ideas

If you got inspired by the ideas but don’t have the time and energy to do so, you may want to contact Jazz Mowing for gardening services Auckland to beautify and organize your garden space. You are more than welcome to tell us your ideas and requirements for our reference.

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