Start Your Garden Spring Cleaning with these 10 Essential Tasks

Start Your Garden Spring Cleaning with these 10 Essential Tasks

Whether you are a serious or an amateur gardener, Spring is the busiest time of year. There are plenty of overwhelming tasks to kick off the growing seasons. However, before you can start, there is one thing to do first, spring cleaning.

It is a vital step to polish up your garden, make it weed-free, and prepare the beds for your plants. To keep you abreast of the much-needed activities, you need to check out this list of spring cleaning tasks that the experts in gardening services Auckland has prepared. 

For plant enthusiasts out there, get ready.

Prune your perennial plants

Now is the time for your overlooked annual plants to get some tender, loving care. Start by removing and composting the dead perennials that remained after the winter. Only the successful self-seeders will remain and bloom in spring.

Not removing them will not be a pretty sight in your garden once spring sets in. You don’t have to be an expert to clean your flower beds. You just need to prune the dead twigs and leaves. Removing the dead leaves will encourage growth in your plants.

Remove the mulch

Aside from pruning, another important task in your spring cleaning is removing mulch. Most of the mulch has broken down during the winter, and now is the best time to dispose of them. You should also remove any winter protection added last fall, like windscreens, rose cones, or burlap wraps. Do this at the beginning of Spring, so that the plants will not suffer from spring frost. It will kill any new growing plants.

Spring Rake

Part of your spring cleaning is raking. This is the perfect time to remove the debris and leaves of the last season. It will also help loosen the matted grass or clumps caused by the winter moulds. Be careful when raking the grass. Make sure that the soil is not soft or muddy. Otherwise, you will remove the grass crowns.

Prune Trees and Shrubs

Part of spring gardening cleaning is pruning your overgrown trees and shrubs. However, choose the trees and shrubs that are not going to flower during summer or early fall. If you cut them, they will not have a chance to bloom this year.

Cut Back on the Ornamental Grasses

If you have ornamental grasses, this is the right time to cut them back. Don’t wait for the new growth. Cut them within a few inches from the growth. These grasses will grow back when they are ready.

Clean Up the Vegetable Patch

Spring is the right time to grow vegetables in your garden. Give your vegetable patch a new breath of life. Remove all the dead plants and roots so that you have a clean patch for your new batch. If you find any dead vines, remove them from the grilles.

Weeding and Composting

The early spring is a perfect time to do some proactive weeding. The damp soil makes it easy to pull out the weeds. This task is quite challenging. You may want to hire gardening services in Auckland to do them for you. 

Most of what you have cleaned up can go to your compost pile. Leave the weeds out, or it will come to haunt you later. Begin a new pile this year and flip the old one or use it.

Tidy Up and Fertilize the Evergreens

Most of your evergreens do not require spring cleaning. However, give some love by fertilizing them. Spring is the time when they are actively growing, so why not feed your evergreens?

Divide and Transplant

Spring is the best time to propagate and transplant. You will be amazed at how quickly your plants can grow and adjust to the beautiful weather.

Edge the Garden Bed

The grass can invade your garden during the summer months. Part of your spring cleaning should be edging. It will be the best finishing touch because you will prevent your lawn from crawling into your flower bed. Plus, it can make your garden look polished and really pretty. 

For more gardening tips, ask the garden experts from Jazz Mowing. We offer essential gardening services to help prepare your garden and lawn for spring. 

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