How to Cut Grass Like a Pro

How to Cut Grass Like a Pro

Cut Grass Like a Pro

Every homeowner with a yard wants to have a healthy lawn. The problem is, how to achieve it. When it comes to keeping the grass green on your side of the fence, you don’t have to call for lawn mowing services all the time. You just have to know how to cut grass like a pro.

So, how do professionals cut grass? By sticking to a regular mowing schedule. It keeps the grass healthy and gives it plenty of room to grow. They also use the proper equipment. Let us learn from the pros on how to do it right in this article.

Cutting it Down to the Basic

It is tempting to cut grass short so as not to cut them very often. However, if you want a healthy lawn, this technique will not cut it (pun intended).

According to the experts at Jazz Mowing, you need to set your lawnmower to the best setting according to your grass type. This is recommended because when you cut the grass too short, all its energy will be diverted to growing the blades and not towards deepening its roots. It will also help to keep out the weeds as they cannot grow with taller grass.

You also need to cut the grass when it is not wet. This is a common mistake and often results in uneven trim. It is bad for your lawnmower too. 

The best time to mow is during the early evening. It ensures that the lawn is dry. Compared to mowing during the hottest time of the day, this is less stressful for your grass and mower. 

Another tip to keep the grass healthy is to leave the clippings from your lawn mowing right there on the lawn. It will return nutrients to the soil, giving your grass enough sustenance.

Lastly, always get your lawnmower serviced at least once a year. It will keep the blades sharpened. Don’t forget to clean the mower after every use to prevent the clippings from blocking the blades. 

Essential Tips To Cut Grass Like a Pro

When it comes to lawn care, take it from the pros. They know how to do it right. Here are some expert tips to help you cut your grass most efficiently.

  • Cut the edges first: Take care of the yard’s edges before you tackle lawn mowing. Doing this will give you some room to turn your lawnmower around. It makes the job get done faster. 
  • Choose a Pattern: Before starting, make sure you have already chosen a pattern for your lawn. For beginners, the stripe pattern is the easiest. Experts also recommend using alternate directions for each mow. 
  • Mix the Patterns: Alternate the patterns each week to prevent your grass from growing in one direction. This is bad for your yard and makes mowing even more challenging.
  • Take Your Time: While it might be tempting to rush in cutting the grass, it can result in patches and big clumps of clippings dumped in certain areas of your lawn.

Final Thoughts

We hope that you have learned a thing or two on how to cut grass like a pro. If you have no time to mow your lawn, you can always call the professionals at Jazz Mowing. They understand that mowing is not your idea of a weekend. Give them the job, sit back and relax!


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