How to Start a Lawnmower

How to Start a Lawnmower

Start a Lawnmower Easily

Every lawnmower owner knows this. Lawnmowers tend to be sluggish when you have not used them for a long period. However, they usually get going after a series of false starts and a lot of swearing!

Well enough of swearing because we will teach you how to start a lawnmower. Starting a petrol lawnmower is difficult when using it the first time or after a long winter. 

The reason why lawn mowers are challenging to start is due to the humidity of the space where it was stored. When there is high humidity, the water tends to condense in the carburettor and fuel tank. Eventually, it will end up in the gas. 

The problem with water in your lawn mower’s engine could also interfere with the spark formation on the plug. To get this device to start, you have to clean or change the plug and the gas. 

And that is only half of the solution. Compared to using a lawn mowing service, cutting the grass in your yard is a serious job to tackle. You need to take care of your mower aside from the grass. 

But don’t worry, we have a quick rundown on how to start a lawnmower. Read these pointers for you to know what to do the next time your lawn mower fails to cooperate. 

Starting a Petrol Lawn Mower

Here are the steps on how to start your petrol lawnmower.

Step 1: Preparing the lawn mower.

Bring out your lawnmower from its hibernation and check the oil. You might have forgotten to use it the last time. 

Step 2. Check the petrol level

Check if you have sufficient petrol in the tank. If it is a four-stroke engine, use the right type of petrol. If the lawnmower has not been used for a while and there is a small amount of gasoline left. Remove the old gasoline. 

Step 3. Check the oil level

Check the amount of oil using a dipstick. If the level reaches the marked area, it is still good. Do not cross the required oil level. It is dangerous for your lawnmower. If you are using the lawnmower for the first time, consult the manual first before doing anything else. 

Step 4. Check its spark plug

The spark plug is the part that starts the engine. If the engine has a choke, turn it on again. If it fails, try tugging the spark plug to see if it is loose. Push the plug and try starting the mower.

Check the plug if it is wet or dirty. Clean and dry it with a carburettor cleaner cloth. If it doesn’t work, remove the plug with a wrench and clean the gap with an emery board. Check if the plug is already worn out. If it is, this plug needs replacement.

Step 5. Press the petrol knob 3-5 times

If the lawnmower has come out of hibernation, press the petrol knob 3-5 times. It is the soft button placed on the lawn mower housing. It is responsible for pumping petrol into the lawn mower’s engine. Do not do this in succession,as you will be putting too much gas into the engine.

Step 6. Put the throttle to the starting position

There are lawnmowers with a throttle feature. This is the handle found between the true handle and the housing. Put this in a starting position by holding it securely with one hand.

Step 7. Pull the starter rope

This next step requires both of your hands to work. While holding the throttle, pull the starting rope firmly. Do not let it slip. Instead, guide it slowly back to its starting position. You might need to do this a few times before getting the engine to start. 


Regular mowing is beneficial for your lawn. Most homeowners love to tend to their lawn instead of using lawn mowing services to save money.

Whether you have bought a new unit or taken your old one out of storage, use this guide to know how to start a lawnmower.

For more information about lawn mowing and other gardening services, contact Jazz Mowing. They offer advice to make your yard the envy of your neighborhood. 

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