How to Water Your Garden and Lawn Like a Pro

How to Water Your Garden and Lawn Like a Pro

There are no clear rules when it comes to watering your garden and lawn. It all depends on the plant, the weather, the time of year, the soil, and many other variables. There is one thing that is very obvious when you need to water them. You only need to check the soil.

It does not matter what colour your thumb is. The plants need water to grow. In Auckland, we are lucky to have good weather that helps the plants reach their full potential. But if you don’t know the correct watering techniques, you might risk doing them more harm than good.

Some even hire professionals for gardening services to maintain a healthy yard and garden. Don’t worry, you don’t need an expert just yet. What you need are these simple tips so that you can take good care of your plants like a pro.

Essential Tips on How to Water Your Plants

We talked to some companies offering gardening services in Auckland about proper watering techniques. Read it here.

1. Water in the morning

For most outdoor plants, including your lawn, the best time to water is in the morning. By this time, the soil is still cool and water has a better chance of seeping down to the root of your plants before it evaporates. It will also ensure that they have sufficient moisture on their soil before the heat of the sun becomes intense.

2. Water slowly

Water will have no value to the plants if you water too quickly or if you put too much water at once. Doing so will have the water run outside of the root ball and leave the roots at the core of your roots dry. To ensure that the water is properly absorbed to the root zone is through slow watering.

3. Water only when needed

Many professionals in gardening services agree that shallow surface watering can discourage deep root development. What they recommend is to implement less frequent watering while ensuring that the water penetrates the soil. This will make the roots reach deep into the soil for residual water.

4. Water the plants where it matters

By watering directly at the plant’s base, you are providing the water to where it matters – the roots. Putting a soaker hose in between the plants will help the water to soak the soil deeply and slowly and let the plants grow healthy.

5. Water container plants once a day

The soil in garden pots and container plants can dry quicker than the ones in the flower bed or garden plot. Water them in the morning and if it gets hot during the day, water them in the afternoon.

6. Water the lawn once or twice a week

The key to providing your lawn with enough water is through deep watering. Frequent and shallow watering can lead to shallow roots. And the grass would be vulnerable to drought. Deep and less frequent gardening, on the other hand, can encourage deep roots and improve their drought tolerance.

There you have it. Our tips on how you can water your garden and lawn like a pro. Should you need assistance to create the garden and yard of your dreams in Auckland, hire a company that offers gardening services.

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