Earn from $32 to $35 an hour.

Join our Crew Today!

Jazz Mowing is offering you a flexible way to make extra cash. Apply to become one of our crew members and if you're accepted, you can pick your own hours and your availability. 

The Perks of Being our Crew Member

Earn extra income

Earn extra cash




Regular Job

What to do to Become our Crew Member

1. Documents Required

To become part of our crew, you have the prepare all these documents:

Proof of working rights

You need to provide us a copy of your passport or residency visa. You also need a copy of your driver's license.

Police check

You will need a New Zealand Police Check. If you don’t have one, you can find more details here.

2. Choose your location and hours.
3. We've got your back

How does it work?

Get regular work, more customers and choose your own hours.

Guaranteed online payments directly to your bank account

24/7 dedicated support should you have any issues

You choose the areas you would like to service

Flexibility to work to a schedule that suits your availability

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