Local Lawn Mowing Services: A Price Guide

Local Lawn Mowing Services: A Price Guide

If you’re wondering what fair price to pay for your local lawn mowing services, then JazzMowing has got you covered.

It’s more of a challenge for homeowners to have the time, energy, or even the right tools to have freshly mown lawns. 

No matter how satisfying they are to look at, sometimes it’s easier to leave them be or to call upon lawn mowing service providers.

Whether you’re from Taranaki, Auckland, Manawatu, or anywhere else in New Zealand, there’s always someone close by who can mow your lawns for you.

In a survey conducted by GreenPal of over 10,000 lawn care service providers in the United States about how much they charge weekly, 78% of the lawn care professionals polled charge $60 per man-hour, with 12% charging $50 and 10% charging $40 or less per man-hour.

Of course, many factors still come into play when it comes to local lawn services. Much of this depends on which country you live in. For example, pricing for lawn maintenance services in warmer climates is more price-competitive than they are in comparison to cooler climates. 


It’s because of the lawn care business’s nature that it is more stable in climates where grass needs cutting year-round instead of being more volatile in environments where grass needs trimming only during the winter.

In warmer climates, lawnmowing services are treated more as commodities while they are valued more highly in northern climates. 

In New Zealand, how much do lawn mowing services cost?

Every lawn care provider will establish different fees that fit their needs and budget. 

Some charge based on whether they use a ride-on or push mower, how far they have to travel, and what condition the lawn is in.

A small lawn can be in the vicinity of $25, $30, $40, or $50. 

On the other hand, a medium or large yard, depending on how the person you hired structured the invoice or quote, could be over $50, including or excluding GST.

Pricing differs depending on whether the service is a one-off or whether you become a regular customer.

If you have steep slopes on your property or require mowing services on a lifestyle block, farm, field, business, or somewhere other than your home, the pricing may differ and become a set hourly rate. 

It would be best to ask your local lawn care professional about their rates and conditions for service. 

As a minimum, you should expect to pay $25 plus or excluding GST, and travel costs may apply.


With all of that being said, should you try to negotiate an hourly rate with your lawn maintenance service provider?

A fixed agreed-upon price usually works out better for regular grass-cutting services. Why? 

Sometimes, one grass-cutting visit takes a little longer than other grass-cutting visits. 

Trying to resolve these inevitable variable costs on a weekly or bi-weekly basis will no doubt become a total headache and be the source of arguments between you and your lawn maintenance provider.

In summary, it’s best to stick to a fixed cost for weekly or every two weeks mowing and use results from our poll as a benchmark to see if you’re getting ripped off or not.


If you’re shopping for a local lawn maintenance service provider, a good rule of thumb is to figure out a fair price to pay for quality lawn mowing services. 

Consider the size of your lawn, how bad its current state is, and if you’re about to be a regular customer. 

As previously mentioned, for a minimum, you should expect to pay $25 plus or excluding GST, and travel costs may apply.   

Determine if you’re getting a reasonable price from your grass-cutting professional or if you’re getting ripped off. 


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