Creating Picture Perfect Lawn Mowing Patterns is Never this Easy

Creating Picture Perfect Lawn Mowing Patterns is Never this Easy

Cutting grass is practical. It will make the yard look great. However, creating lawn patterns will take it to the next level. Do you want to turn your lawn into something else? 

Learn how to create lawn mowing patterns that would make the chore more fun. Just like the pros, you too can create nice straight lines or amazing designs in your yard.

Lawn care in Christchurch need not be expensive. All it takes is patience and a little help from experts. Here at Jazz Mowing, we would like to share with avid gardeners like you some tips to make beautiful designs on your lawn. 

How Important are Lawn Mowing Patterns?

Lawn mowing patterns are not a requisite to perfect your lawn. However, some people find it cool and so, it’s great to learn a trick or two in cutting the grass. Having well-maintained grass keeps the lawn looking nice and perfect as a backdrop for your Instagram photos. 

Also, by creating stripes or patterns on the lawn, it is easier to maintain them. The grass is healthier, the yard looks nicer, and you will have fewer weeds too.

When you have the same pattern every time you mow the lawn, the tire tracks can wear out particular areas in the grass. It could lead to dead spots, encouraging the pesky weeds to grow. It will also impact the growth of your grass, making it harder to grow new blades over time.

When you switch your routines, you are minimizing the wear and tear caused by the lawnmower tires. Alternating the mowing patterns will allow the grass to breathe and not get compacted. It will encourage airflow and keep the grass healthy. 

As a bonus, the mowing patterns in the lawn will hide the weeds. Giving the people the illusion that you have a perfect lawn. 

Lawn Cutting Techniques 

There are plenty of lawn-cutting techniques to choose from, which the pros use. You can start with stripes on your lawn, the easiest one. Once you get the hang of it, you can move on to creating designs for your yard.

Don’t get too overwhelmed with these patterns, as they are not as complicated as it sounds. They are just variations of the simple striping pattern.

So, to create picture-perfect lawn mowing patterns, you need to start from the basics. That is, to learn how to make the striping pattern.

5 Steps to Create Pretty Lawn Stripes

Note: There is no special equipment needed to create special patterns. Your push or riding mower will do.

Step 1: Clean the edges. It all begins with cleaning the outside edges of your yard first. Make sure to have a few feet of turning space to create straight lines on your edges. 

Step 2: Create your first stripe. Your first stripe should be straight as it will serve as your landmark. Matching your line with the edge of your garden beds can give you a straight pattern. Other points of reference that you can use are your sidewalk, patio, driveway, or any straight-edged hardscape.

Step 3. Use your first stripe as your guide. After you are done with the first stripe, you need to turn your mower around the outside of the lawn that you just mowed. Next, line your mower in a way that its wheels are on the edge of your first stripe. From here, you can create your next stripe.

Step 4. Repeat. Continue going back and forth on your lawn using the same technique as in Step 3. Check if the new stripe is in the opposite direction of the last. If you created a crooked line, just mow it over to cover up.

Step 5. Final touch. Go over the edge once you finish covering the lawn with stripes. Remove any turn marks left by the striping and unsightly clumps of grass left by the mower. It will give your yard a more polished look.

Once you are an expert in creating striping patterns, you can try making patterns and designs to see which one is suitable for your yard.

There you have it, simple steps to follow on how you can create beautiful patterns in your yard. If you want to accomplish a picturesque lawn without breaking a sweat, call us at Jazz Mowing. We will give your yard the care it deserves. 

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